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Claude Organ, M.D. Lectureship

Claude Organ, M.D.

Claude Organ, M.D.—Courtesy The Organ Family

2013 Inaugural Lecturer "American Surgery and Healthcare Reform: Lingering Challenges" —Dr. L. D. Britt

2015 Lecturer —Dr. Steven Stain
Hosted by: Washington University (Dr. William Chapman)

2016 Lecturer —Dr. Selwyn Vickers
Hosted by: Duke University Department of Surgery (Dr. Bradley Collins)

2017 Lecturer "Signatures: What Can Sensors and Motion Tracking Tell Us About Surgical Performance?" —Dr. Carla M. Pugh
Hosted by: Medical University of South Carolina, Department of Surgery, Charleston, SC

2018 Lecturer "Leadership for Surgeons: A Mosaic" —Dr. Patricia Turner
Hosted by: Duke University Medical Center

2019 Lecturer "A Non-Linear Career in Surgery" —Dr. Haile Debas
Hosted by: Weill Cornell Medical Center, Department of Surgery