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SSA Scholarship in History of Medicine.

Bronze plaque commemorating the SSA centenial in 1987

The Southern Surgical Association has approved an annual scholarship to support a member in the pursuit of a subject in the history of medicine. The subject may relate to an individual, a place, an event or the development of scientific information leading to a mechanical device.

The member who is awarded the scholarship should present the paper and submit a manuscript (at the time of presentation) for publication in the Transactions of the Southern Surgical Association. The manuscript should acknowledge the source of financial support for the study by including this credit line:
“Funding for this study was provided by the Joseph M. Donald Endowment for the Archival Collection of the Southern Surgical Association.”
The funds will be awarded to the member at the time of the presentation.

The period of study can be carried out at the library or institution of the scholar’s choosing.

Members who are interested should submit a scholarship application which includes the Fellow’s name and email address, a brief description of the subject of historical interest which explains why the subject will be of interest to the members of the Southern Surgical Association. (See links below for preparing and uploading applications.)

Applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee.

The SSA will not solicit History of Medicine (HOM) paper submissions this year, as the Council has assigned the topic for the 2018 HOM paper. HOM abstracts will be accepted again next year.

Preparing your Scholarship Application:

The accepted file type for scholarship applications is a Microsoft Word Document.
Downloading this Application Format Example will clarify these formatting instructions.

Head: • "History of Medicine Scholarship Application"
• Double space after head.
Subject of Study: • Capitalize first letter in each word. Double-space after subject.
Applicants’ Name: • First name (middle initial if desired), Last name. (Must be SSA member)
• Please do not add degree–M.D., Sc.D., etc.
• Double-space after the name.
Description of study: • Include only a brief description of the subject of study and reason(s)
why subject will be of interest to SSA members.
• Single-space within the text, but double space between paragraphs.
• Please do not indent.
• 250 words maximum, 1page or less.
Applicant contact: • Add the email address for notifcation by the Scolarship Committee.
Uploading your Application:

• Please review all these instructions before clicking on the upload link at bottom.

• The first screen that will appear will look like this:

SAA upload screen example

• When you add your application file to the above screen, it will automatically change into the one below:

SAA upload screen example

• Enter the member's name who will conduct the study.

• Please double check to make sure the email address is correct. This email address should be the same as the one included on the application. It will be used to auto-confirm the success of your upload and for any notififcations by the Scholarship Committee.

• Enter “History of Medicine Scholarship” in the “Subject” field.

• The "Message" field is not required.

• When the information is complete, confirm that the green check is visible by your application file icon—indicating that the file is ready to upload. Press “Send”.

An automated response will be sent to the address you entered confirming your upload was successful. Within 3 business days, you should also receive an email confirmation that the Secretary's office has received your application.

• Click this link to open a new window and to Upload Your Scholarship Application.

If you are unable to upload your abstract application or if you do not receive confirmation of receipt within 3 business days, please contact Pamela J. Schmidt, Assistant to the Secretary, at 502-852-5447 or via email at

Joseph M. McDonald History of Medicine Lectures —grouped by decade.

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Year Title Lecturer
2016 Oliver Wendell Holmes: Physician, Writer, Poet, Teacher, Lecturer and Much More. H. Biemann Othersen, Jr.
2015 From Whipple to Warren (to the Present) – The Role of the SSA Membership In the Evolution of the Surgical Management of Portal Hypertension David M. Levi
2014 We’ve Heard of the Award – But Who Knows About Dr. Shipley? Nancy D. Perrier
2013 The President's Been Shot and They Are Bringing Him to the Emergency Room Ronald C. Jones
2013 T. Wright, M.D. F.A.C.S.: Academic Surgeon, Civil Right Pioneer Don K. Nakayama
2012 Nosokomia to Sacred Infirmary: Legacy of the Knights Hospitaller and Chimbarazo Hospital in the Evolution of Hospitals from Medieval to Modern Charles E. Bagwell
2011 Hunter Holmes McGuire: Much More than Stonewall Jackson's Surgeon Carl E. Haisch
2010 Fred W. Rankin, M.D.: A Man of Medicine during a Time of War and Change Joseph B. Zwischenberger

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Year Title Lecturer
2009 Dr. Samuel Gross: "Establishing the Principles of Civilian and Military Injury Care" Lewis Flint
Neal Garrison
2008 Dr. Robert Zeppa: A Southern Transplant Who Survived Do the Right Thing Lawrence Rottenberg
Alan S. Livingstone
Leonidias Koniaris
Seymour I. Schwartz
George C. Irvin, III
Duane G. Hutson
2007 Dr. Mary Edwards Walker: A surgeon Ahead of Her Time Robert M. Beazley
2006 Julian K. Quattlebaum, M.D.: The American Hero of Hepatic Surgery Thomas F. Dodson
2005 Charles R. Drew, M.D., Sc,: A Surgical Pioneer Edward C. Cornwell, III
2004 Respectful Image - Revenge of the Barber Surgeon Charles E. Bagwell
2003 Jacob the Other Dr. Flexner Ward O. Griffen, Jr.
2003 Qualities of Ephraim McDowell H. Biemann Othersen, Jr.
2002 Champ Lyons: A Life Unfilled Martin L. Dalton, Jr.