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How to submit abstracts of papers for inclusion in the program.

Meeting Program

The deadline for abstract submissions is Midnight, July 1— no exceptions.

Who is allowed to submit?

At least one co-author must be a member of the SSA and serve as the corresponding author who is responsible for notifying the other co-authors of the Program Committee’s decision.

Who is allowed to present a paper?

Only members will be allowed to present papers unless consideration is requested by a member co-author and permission granted by the Program Committee. Up to seven (7) non-members may be allowed to present papers. This determination will be made immediately after abstracts are selected by the Program Committee. If only members are allowed to present, non-member co-authors and guests may participate in the discussion.

Preparing your abstract:

The accepted file type for abstract submissions is a Microsoft Word Document.
Downloading this Example Abstract will clarify these formatting instructions.

Title: • Capitalize first letter in each word. Double-space after title.
Authors’ Names: • First name (middle initial if desired), Last name (asterisk if not a member).
• Please do not add degree–M.D., Sc.D., etc.
• Please underline the name of the corresponding author who should be notified of the Committee’s decision.
• If you are requesting non-member presentation, please italicize that author’s name.
• Double-space after the list of names.
Body of Abstract: • Single-space within the text, but double space between paragraphs.
• Please do not indent.
• Underline Methods, Results, and Conclusions (if citing).
• 250 words, 1page or less,
• 1 table OR 1 figure allowed.

After the body of the abstract, double-space and indicate the origin of the paper and include the email address of the corresponding member-author.

Uploading your Abstract Submission:

• Please review all these instructions before clicking on the upload link at bottom.

• The first screen that will appear will look like this:

SAA upload screen example

• When you add your abstract file to the above screen, it will automatically change to the one below:

SAA upload screen example

• Enter the corresponding authors’ name in the “Your Name” field. The corresponding author must be an SSA member and is the only person notified by the Program Committee of its decision.

• Please double check to make sure the email address is correct. This email address should be the same as the one included in the aabstract for the corresponding author. It will be used to auto-confirm the success of your upload and for any notififcations by the Program Committee.

• Enter “Abstract Submission” in the “Subject” field.

• In the Message field, enter (1) the name of the presenter, (2) Indicate if you are requesting a non-member to present, (3) if non-member presenter, give the name of the institution represented by presenter, (4) Academic Rank of non-member presenter (Studen, Resident, Fellow, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Attending Surgeon).

• When the information is complete, confirm that the green check is visible by your abstract file icon—indicating that the file is ready to upload. Press “Send”.

An automated response will be sent to the address you entered confirming your upload was successful. Within 3 business days, you should also receive an email confirmation that the Secretary's office has received your submission.

• Click this link to open a new window where you can Upload Your Abstract Submission.

If you are unable to upload your abstract submission or if you do not receive confirmation of receipt within 3 business days, please contact Pamela J. Schmidt, Assistant to the Secretary, at 502-852-5447 or via email at