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Passing of the Gavel

We are a fellowship of more than 800 accomplished professionals actively practicing in surgery or one of its sub-specialties. Since 1887, we have hosted an annual venue dedicated to the dissemination of research and discovery of superior surgical techniques, better outcomes and applicable knowledge.

The Southern Surgical Association was founded by brothers W.E.B. Davis and J.D.S. Davis in 1887 in Birmingham, Alabama. Inspired by recent noteworthy advances in surgery, the Davis brothers solicited involvement of surgeons from throughout the country whom they considered professionals of "great eminence." Originally called the Alabama Surgical and Gynecological Association, it was almost immediately renamed the Southern Surgical and Gynecological Association to more accurately represent the geographical dispersion of its members who had already begun to include a few national and even international figures. The Gynecological distinction was dropped in 1916 due to the association's broadened focus that encompassed the wider field of surgery.

Today the Southern Surgical Association is held in high esteem by professionals in surgical and related fields globally. Throughout its rich history, it has been regarded as an institution of expedience and integrity in its reports of surgical innovation. The subsequent and relatively rapid adoption of hundreds of ground-breaking concepts in surgery can be attributed to their presentation and publication by the association.

The annual meetings are characterized by an inviting openness where guests are welcomed and spouses are included. Parallel to the earnestness with which our primary professional agendas are pursued, open and sometimes lively discussions on the reports combine with a family atmosphere to foster participation and contribute to the success of the association. We have a great deal of fun.

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